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POTUPAJKI i DOPODUSZKI” is a set of songs created by us as part of the 14th Sztuka Szuka Malucha Festival - it is a collection of songs for different moods for the youngest and their closest adults. There are songs that you can jump to, but also songs whose sounds will make falling asleep more pleasant.

We invited two wonderful authors to the project - Malina Prześluga and Konrad Dworakowski, whose beautiful, brilliant and extraordinary lyrics will please the ears of both young and old. The music was created by an outstanding theatre composer - Piotr Klimek - the author of an innumerable amount of music, mainly created for performances for young audiences. The songs were sung by singers with great voices and sensitivity.

The Potupajki collection consists of compositions for dancing, jumping and horseplay, which make the fun more dynamic or help to build a cheerful mood when waking up, while Dopoduszki are, apart from lullabies, calming and soothing songs. We believe that introducing these songs to the audiosphere of your home will be invaluable help in skilful interaction with the emotions of the youngest and creating a sense of comfort and harmony.






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